Rhonda Y.

California Rehabilitation Nov27th 2020

“I have been attending therapy for my leg and ankle at California Rehab over the past 2 months. When COVID started, we were all locked down and I did not go anywhere. When I did venture out, I had the accident where I injured my ankle and leg. I was extremely hesitant to follow the doctor’s direction of going to therapy, especially because of the virus. I talked with the people from California Rehab and they took the time to go through explaining all the careful steps they take to protect me and other patients. They even offered me to try a treatment over the computer. I really didn’t want to do that so I scheduled an appointment. When I arrived, the lady at the front greeted me, asked me health questions, took my temperature and asked me to clean my hands with hand sanitizer. I also had to wear a mask while I was there and everybody else was wearing one too. I have since recovered and am really thankful for the safe and caring environment that California Rehab gave me.” – Rhonda Y.