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Sports Injury Recovery

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Recovering From Sports Injuries  

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete or a beginner to the game, once you
fall in love with a sport, it becomes part of who you are. The desire to get out there and
play gets in your blood, and it doesn’t matter what else you have going on at work or a
home, you make sure to take the time to get out onto the field court give the game your

If the love for the game is the primary thing that all athletes have in common, perhaps
the second common experience is the risk of injury. When you push your body to the
limit by attempting to run faster or gain strength, then you risk of injury is more than
likely to increase as well.

For athletes, getting back to the game as quickly as possible is also of paramount
concern. This is why seeking physical therapy immediately after experiencing an injury
is the best choice that you can make.

Keep Off the Sidelines With California Rehabilitation

For an athlete, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing your hard work pushed to
the side as you have to sit out a game or a practice. But when you experience an injury,
taking time off is exactly what you need to do as your body recovers. How long you
stay on the sidelines, however, depends entirely on how quickly you are able to recover
from your injury, and seeking out the right type of support with your injury can make a
big difference.

Most sports injuries occur as a result of taking on too much, too quickly. This could
mean jumping into a workout without the right level of stretching and pre-game prep, or
this could mean attempting to push yourself too far, too quickly, without taking the time
to build up your strength in the right manner.

The best thing that you can do to keep yourself in the game is to work with a physical
therapist to have a clear understanding of what your body needs, and this is a helpful
strategy before you experience an injury, as well as after.

Staying Strong: Before and After Injury

Learning proper stretching techniques, knowing how to build your endurance and
flexibility, and using smart recovery practices like thermotherapy and hydrotherapy can
actually reduce your risk of experiencing a sports injury — especially an overuse injury.

Your risk of injury does increase as you age, and with age frequently will also come
longer sports injury recovery periods and greater risk of injury complications. As you age, it is important to take into consideration the additional strategies that you can use to prepare your body for physical activity before jumping into a workout. This will include a
combination of stretching activities, massage, and strength building. Keeping yourself
hydrated during this process is also very important.

Following a sports injury, your risk of hurting yourself a second time is increased. After
an injury like a ligament tear, you will need to take extra steps to ensure that you don’t
put yourself right back on the sidelines with a secondary injury. Working with a physical
therapist following a major injury like a ligament tear will help you recover faster, which
includes building strength, and learning the right strategies to prepare for physical
activity to keep your risk of injury to a minimum.

Not all injuries are obvious. Sometimes, the pain will develop gradually as a result of
overuse. Whether the injury is sudden or takes its time in making itself obvious, the
smart thing to do is to reach out to a professional who can help you cope with the pain
more effectively.